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Learn about Our Psychological Testing in Park Ridge, IL

Psychological testing is a tool used to help measure and understand a client differently than one might achieve from an interview. Tests can help provide information about how a client thinks, feels, deals with stress, etc. Testing can also help in the diagnosis and treatment of an individual. Ultimately, a treatment plan may be based around those results. The psychologist may also make recommendations for school, work, or home. Naturally, one’s strengths would be emphasized. Similarly, the information provided may help in the development of a 504 plan for special accommodations in the school or work setting.

A psychologist may choose to use individual tests or a combination of several tests for a more complete and useful evaluation. The psychologists at Athans and Associates are all licensed clinical psychologists with expertise in psychological testing, having performed several hundred hours of testing.

How Psychological Testing Works

Testing charges are based on our regular hourly rate. Units of time are based on a 60-minute interval and include time to administer, score, and interpret the results. It is important to note that on the average, the psychologist will spend more than double the administrative time to score, interpret, and write up a report. The tests chosen will be discussed with you in advance of any testing. A complete typewritten report will be provided in a feedback session.

We are happy to request an authorization from your insurance, if needed, and, like all of our services, can bill your insurance directly. You should know that some insurance companies or products (such as HMOs) may limit the number of units to a bare minimum. Ultimately, the psychologist will explain what testing he/she recommends and why. You will be asked to pay the difference if you agree to the recommendation and the insurance company does not provide the necessary authorization.

It is likely that several hours of testing will be reserved in order to administer, score, and interpret the results. Once you agree to the testing schedule, we require a $200.00 deposit to commence services. The deposit may be used against charges once all charges are processed. The deposit will be forfeited should the patient not cancel a testing appointment within 48 (business) hours.

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