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Parents – Back to School

Parents go back to school, like their children.

Parents have to reorganize the house, buy school supplies, buy clothes and uniforms for the kids, buy sport equipment, reorganize schedules, make doctor’s appointments, etc.

Parents have to arrange carpools, take kids to sports practices, games, tutors, homework, bedtimes.

Parents have their own jobs, the house, as well as the children to manage. This can be overwhelming and stressful. And we tend to take care of everyone else first.

We encourage you to take care of yourselves. Find work-life balance. Eat healthy foods. Pet the dog. Get enough sleep, Walk for a few minutes outside. Plan for child care. Read. Listen to music. Pray. Practice deep-breathing. Hug your spouse.

The healthier and happier you are…the better your family.

Dr. Lynda Behrendt
Licensed Clinical Psychologist
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